The Great Novels of Jane Austen (комплект из 6 книг) Jane Austen

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Для дома и интерьера. Посуда и ножи для готовки. Книги о домашнем мире. Для сна и отдыха. Техника для автомобилей Новинки. Ленина Советская Ленинская Октябрьская Ленина пр. The Great Novels of Jane Austen комплект из 6 книг. Джейн Остин , Мягкая обложка Нет в продаже. Young Adult Eli Readers. Оставить заявку Заявка принята. Вам может понравиться Леди Сьюзен.

Сначала полезные Сначала новые. Напишите отзыв о книге или задайте вопрос Оставить отзыв Задать вопрос. Вам запрещено оставлять комментарии. Yes, she is "handsome, clever and rich". Emma represents mature Austen in another way, too. She has perfected the art of free indirect speech to convey the inner life of her heroine while retaining her control of the narrative as the omniscient author.

Here, fully in command of her genre, Austen revels in her characters and their foibles. Austen seems to have known that she was working on something special. Mansfield Park had been published by Thomas Egerton. This time, however, she wanted better terms and more literary prestige. There was only one address for that: Murray accepted at once and his edition appeared in December , after a trouble-free editorial process in which her new publisher made a point of treating her with the greatest respect, though author and publisher never actually met.

Emma occupies a special place in this list because it is supremely English — in character, landscape, sensibility and wit. Subsequent editions, notably by RW Chapman, have made silent corrections to typographical errors, but no substantial emendations. Emma has been continuously in print since its first publication: A Note on the Text: Topics Jane Austen The best novels. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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